Quality Improvement In Health Care Essay

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QI Plan 1 Living in the United States everyone has the ability to choose from right or wrong. Part of living in the United States, you have the choice to negotiate an even complain without repercussion. In healthcare like other industries people have a choice to choose their healthcare providers when seeking medical care. Having options when seeking medical care is very important, everyone wants to receive the best possible care. Healthcare options can help you make the right choice when selecting the best healthcare provider. This can lead to competition in healthcare. The healthcare industry will have a wide open market. Competition guarantees that services or products will continue to improve to keep a competitive edge. Quality Improvement (QI) can lead to a general approach to the measurable improvement of patient care. Quality improvement uses specialized plans and principles that guarantees quality of care for patients in healthcare facilities. Quality outcomes centers on quality management principles. This report will cover the fundamentals of Quality Improvement. This report will also explain the importance of stakeholders an how quality is identified. The review of the purpose of physician and patient pertaining to Quality Improvement will be discussed in this report. Why Quality Management is necessary in the healthcare…show more content…
Performance measures indicate where an organization needs to make improvements in order to provide quality care. Consumer/patient satisfaction is the ultimate guide that indicates if an organization’s ongoing QI Plan is effective. One of the driving forces behind management in an organization is the overall basic aspect of performance measures. Quality Improvement process is based on customer/patient satisfaction and measures how the health care organization accommodates or exceeds consumer/patient

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