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Putting patients first The Productive Series Content 1. Introduction to this guide 6 2. Symbols used in this guide 8 3. The Productive Series case studies The Productive Ward case studies The Productive Mental Health Ward case studies The Productive Operating Theatre Productive Community Services 9 10 17 23 25 4. Conclusions 26 3 Forewords I am pleased to write the foreword to this document for some relatively personal reasons as follows: Putting patients first demands a personal approach. The Productive Ward allows staff the space and time to deliver the kind of care that many individuals want to give when they work within our communities, hospitals, GP practices and childrens’ and adult services to name a…show more content…
Patients quite rightly expect to be well cared for by the NHS across all healthcare settings. Care should be high quality, focus on the patient and be safe. However, recent publicity has highlighted that in some cases these goals are not met. In addition, patients and carers may be anxious that the current financial pressures might affect the care they receive. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has been working with a wide range of NHS trusts to improve patient care. By implementing programmes from The Productive Series, trusts are making a real difference to the quality of patient care. The programmes help organisations to ensure that safety, quality and positive patient experience remain priorities in these challenging times. This document shares case studies from NHS trusts who are implementing The Productive Series. Each example highlights good practice that is improving care for patients. It is aimed at patients, carers and staff and can be used in a variety of different ways. It will help: • patients and carers to understand how The Productive Series can improve their care and give some examples of good practice • staff to understand where best practice is being delivered and apply it to their own work, and how The Productives Series can be used to improve the patient experience. We have used graphic icons (see page 8) to identify where key themes occur in the case studies, so you can pick out the…show more content…
The programme has now been rolled out across almost every ward and care environment and both the results and the patient feedback are excellent. Janette Vyse is the Lead Nurse for Participation and Patient Experience at Birmingham Children's Hospital. She is an advocate of making sure that patients and carers are involved in their own care and that their views about improvements across the hospital are listened to and acted on. She also believes that patient experience information should be a core principle of their care and not regarded as an “add on”. Janette describes how staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been encouraged to build protected time into their shifts to talk to parents, carers and patients about their experience. “It’s not just about hearing and acting on any complaints and comments,” she says, “it’s about building trust with carers and patients. If we take the time to listen to how they are feeling, they know that we value them. Parents feel safe leaving their children in our

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