Briefing Information System

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Information System Briefing This is a briefing of an information system. It will discuss the process for selecting and acquiring an information system, explain how the organizations goals drive the selection of the information system, and identify the roles each of the organizations’ stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process. To computerize a health care organization is an important decision and a positive one with lasting benefits for the organization. Finding the best solution to a health care organizations unique information system needs to be simple. Some of the critical characteristics that a health care information system needs to consider when selecting and acquiring the information system are: • Security and confidentiality of information and health records should be ensured, • Process of standardization and…show more content…
When acquiring about an information system the organization needs to make sure that the goals of the organization drive the selection of the information system. These goals are: cost effectiveness, sharing medical information, assurance that the providers have a safe system to use, seek new information through implementation of these systems, find better comparable systems at the same cost, and to reduce liability risks. The first item is to decide who will be on the project team for creating this system. Once the project team has been established the team needs to identify the stakeholders and the role of each stakeholder of the organization and how they play in the selection and acquisition process. The stakeholders are the following: • organizational management – this person defines the business needs, goals, and objectives of the project, • project manager – this person has the main responsibility of the
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