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Interview and Questions for Dental Hygienist Essay

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PHASE 3 (INTERVIEW)                                              

                                Occupation: Dental Hygienist
What are the characteristics that you look for in a potential employee?
  * Looks for someone who demonstrates confidence in their knowledge of the dental field and competency in their clinical abilities. In addition looks for someone who is efficient with their time, possesses good people skills, and acts as a team player. First impressions are very important. I want to see that the person is well-groomed in accordance with the profession. Because we are in healthcare, cleanliness is critical and this begins with the healthcare provider.
What specific skills do you need for entry-level work?
  * A degree from an accredited dental hygiene school which involves learning how to take x-rays, removing calculus, stain, and plaque from teeth using dental instruments, collecting information about patient's dental and medical health, providing oral education, and administering local anesthesia.
What jobs do you usually have open for entry-level ?
  * Out of dental hygiene school, after passing the national and state board exams as well as the Law and Ethics Exam, clinicians can begin practicing. Most job opportunities are in private practice; most offices have 1-2 dental hygienists.
What jobs do you have for the College Grads and in what majors?
  * Most job opportunities are in private practice; most offices have 1-2 dental hygienists.
Do you have an internship program?
  * No internship programs. Some registered dental hygienists may choose to begin working at a dental office prior to dental hygiene school or while they wait for their board results.
Where have you done most of your hiring in the past?
  *   Not applicable
What do you look for in a resume?
  * Organized, well-rounded resume. It needs to be concise, well-written, and direct. References should be included.
How much job experience do you want?
  * Usually...

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