The Impact of Music Censorship After September 11th

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The events of September 11th 2001 shocked the world, two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York. The world’s news reported on the crashes the first was a shock the second unfurled live on air witnessed by millions around the world. The events of this day were not only tragic but had a major impact on how people looked at their lives, the re-evaluated how they lived, how they travelled even culturally life changed. As a result of people’s changing attitudes freedom of speech, censorship, music and even the way news is reported has changed. Vocabulary changed too “terrorism” “bomb” and “terror attacks” were terms used regularly and became a social norm with “war” being added to the list when Iraq was invaded. The acceptable images that were broadcast during this time were also changing the American use of a deck of cards as a hit list of people they wanted dead was a regular occurrence as were images of victories and injured soldiers. While all the graphic images were being beamed into our homes, printed in our newspapers and magazines the music industry was struggling with many radio stations choosing to censor music quite drastically. Many artists and bands had to change to avoid censorship. The attacks by Al Qaeda on September 11th were co-ordinated and calculated they hit the heart of capitalism and also the Pentagon another plane was ditched in a field in Pennsylvania which may have been heading for Washington D.C. almost three thousand people from many different countries were killed that day so the effects were felt world-wide. The response to this was the ongoing “War on Terror” with the deposition of the Taliban being the goal. Thirteen years later troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq from both America and Britain although they are beginning to withdraw. Before the attacks of September 11th music had been used for protest there

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