The hidden world of child sweatshops

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Running Head: CHILD SWEATSHOPS The Hidden World of Child Sweatshops Brent Zukoff Michigan State University The Hidden World of Child Sweatshops At eleven years old I can often remember warm days playing outside kicking a soccer ball around with my friends. This was a regular activity for many young boys my age growing up in the United States. This in contrast was not a regular activity for all eleven year olds around the world. Instead of playing with soccer balls they're making them. Working ten, eleven, even twelve hour days sowing continuously a product they will only receive cents for completing. A nightmare for most here in the United States is a daily routine for many growing up in less fortunate countries. Called sweatshops, these young boys and girls are forced to work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions not because they choose, but simply to survive. Places where recess is an abstract concept, children are denied an education and obligated to work tirelessly for only enough to survive. Out of sight and thus out of mind of many western consumers, these children have been ignored and their exploitation continues. This paper will outline the hardships faced by millions of children across the world as they attempt to make a living at ages as young as five years old. It will present the argument supporting sweatshops and easily refute all claims that appear to make child exploitation acceptable. A child forced into such dangerous labor conditions is immoral and should not be accepted by any society. In order for change to occur, action must be taken on part of the consumers, corporations, and political parties of countries involved. There is no simple solution to this massive injustice. Only a combined effort to end this hardship will bring about change. The hidden world

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