How Did The Stolen Generation Get Away In Australia

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Many years ago, Australia’s government did many wrongs to their own people. The government tried to “breed out the color” but, all it resulted in was broken families and children growing up without any knowledge of their culture. The name “Stolen Generation” comes from the children being stolen from their families, country, culture, and their overall heritage. The devastating act did not work as well as they planned, obviously because some children escaped. Just because one group of people believes another will not survive does not give them the control to breed them out. White people have never been able to leave Aborigines alone, the children particularly have suffered. Missionaries, teachers, government officials have believed that the best way to make black people behave like white people was to get hold of the children who had not yet learned Aboriginal ways of life. They thought that children’s minds were like a kind of blackboard on which the European secrets could be written. Aboriginal children were taken away from their parents that were either living on government reserves and stations by government…show more content…
Many tried to run away but with limited success. Many never saw their parents again or were told they were orphans. Only few records of stolen children were kept, some were deliberately destroyed or just lost. Some administrations tried to advertise their "successful assimilation" of Aboriginal people by deliberately understating Indigenous numbers, thus distorting data. Hence numbers can only be roughly estimated. One source estimates that more than 6,200 children were stolen in Australia between 1883 and 1969. In 1994 the Australian Bureau of Statistics presented a survey which revealed that one in every ten (10%) Indigenous people aged over 25 had been removed from their families in

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