The Big Difference Between High School and College. Essay

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The big difference between high school and college. College offers you the chance to move from the pattern of being taught passively to one of learning actively Active learning involves participating in and out of class instead of passively recording notes and studying silently. Students who embrace active learning not only learn better but enjoy their learning experiences more Active learning become involved in learning rather than simply being an audience. They create and produce as they learn. They try new ideas and learn by exploring the world around them instead of just memorizing facts * Ask other students which teachers will actively engage you in learning. * Even in a class of 200, never hesitate to raise your hand if you don’t understand something. Chances are, the other 199 didn’t understand it either. Put learning into your own words instead of just memorizing the book or the notes or the lecture * work with others,Improve your critical thinking, listening, writing, and speaking skills.Be able to function independently and learn to teach yourself,Manage your time,Gain sensitivity to cultural differences Asking a question in class has as much to do with developing assertiveness as with knowing the answer to a question. Be aware that active learning requires preparation before class, not just before the exams. It can also include browsing in the library, making appointments to talk to faculty members, making outlines from your class notes, going to concerts, working on a committee, asking someone to read something you’ve written to see if its clear, or having a serious discussion with students whose personal values are different from yours. Collaborative learning is any learning situation requiring input from more than one learner * Learners learn from one another as well as from the instructor. * Collaborative learning is

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