Online Learning V.S College Campus Learning

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Classroom learning is better than online learning because you’re actually in a classroom with your teacher in front of you and you’re actually doing hands on work. When thinking about whether or not you want to attend an online college or actually attend a college close to home you want to think about the preparation time, place, lectures, study aids, group projects, class work, assignments, feedback, reading materials, learning, and additional aspects. When considering attending a classroom setting college the preparation time is very fast after you purchase your textbooks you are ready to attend class and participate as indicated by the syllabus. When taking classes you are scheduled for a set time and place for each class. When attending lectures they are usually presented to a group at the same time and it allows for immediate questions and changes. Professors can distribute to students or recommend options for help for study aids. When doing group projects students can get together more easily to complete tasks. Students have hands on practice of processes and procedures with class work. The professors can select from a variety of assignments. In classrooms students can perform and develop public speaking skills. When getting feedback from your professors about an assignment the professor can respond immediately to the students. Your reading materials students can use textbooks and articles provided by the instructor. Students can interact directly with classmates. An additional aspect to classroom learning is that students prefer the social aspect of a classroom setting. When thinking about attending an online school, the preparation time a fast paced process. Online classes are usually offered in shortened semesters. When taking online classes the students usually determine the time of day and location for participating in activities. Lectures can be

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