“the Best Way to Deal with Conflict Is Head on, Not Avoiding It.”

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*NOTE: Not a good essay, wrote it way back “The best way to deal with conflict is head on, not avoiding it.” Conflict is like a fire. Once a fire start, heat and tension are created. As the fire spreads, so do the damages and consequences to its surroundings. However, if the fire was able to be contained and put off immediately, it doesn’t affect the things around it. Like fire, conflicts can be intentionally or unintentionally created. However, it is how we respond that affects us and those around and in most cases it is best to put off the fire immediately. Sometimes we feel that the issue at hand is so intimidating that we avoid the problem. However, this is simply a form of procrastination which only results in harsher consequences, especially on other people. Once a problem has been set aside for too long, other people may be involved which ultimately affects the, as much it affects you. This is exemplified in the play ‘Life of Galileo,’ where the Church and Galileo are in dispute of Galileo’s new findings. Galileo is warned not to speak of his findings and to cease his research. Despite this warning, Galileo continues his research. This ultimately affected his daughter, Virginia, as her future husband decides to leave her due to Galileo being arrogant towards the issue at hand. Her happiness had been diminished due to Galileo not being able to accept and resolve the issue at hand. Similarly, the effects of leaving issues unaddressed can be seen through the “Stolen Generations”. The separation of families, such as Melissa Brickbell and her mother, caused immense grief within each other. Even though the separation of the children and their families ceased I the 1970s, the distress and turmoil still carried on until Prime Minister Kevin Rudd finally addressed the issue and apologized. Had an apology been given earlier, Melissa and the indigenous

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