Dialectical Journal in the Time of Butterflies

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Note taking | Note making | “All though nature there is a feeling of ecstasy.” (pg.24) | Minerva is being disgusted by the appearance her country’s president. And in the setting of this is most likely outside in a party thrown by Trujillo the president. I realized that the president is a much hated man, most likely because he is a dictator and is very aggressive. Minerva does not really care about the president and is trying to forget his presence by looking at the surrounding plants. (70 words) | “Trujillo is the devil, Sinita said as we tiptoed back to our beds.” (pg. 34) | Sinita is a friend from the Catholic school that all the three sisters stayed. They where sneaking trying their best not to be caught by the nuns. The school they went to is like a boarding school but is for Catholics. They were talking about Lina and how Trujillo is trying his best to gain her heart. They continue on describing their feeling toward the president and most of them are negative. (72 words) | “If I leave my country, it’s only to continue the struggle.” (pg.73) | I understand why if she leaves it would cause more chaos with her family and her emotions. She is having problem with her father not with him but with his actions and her fiancé and his friend fighting against Trujillo. Trujillo as this sort of attraction to Minerva in a manner like if he loved her. And if she leaves the country it is only going to do more harm to her family. (73 words) | “Dede is scared, and is angry at herself for being so.” (pg.77) | Dede is the sister of Minerva and during all of the situations with Trujillo and the family she is growing more and more confused about what she thought was right for the family. She started doubting everything in life. She started doubting her marriage. Her life to her was crumbling around her. Minerva was by her side throughout the situations. To me I
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