Ten Miles West of Venus

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Essay # 1 “Ten miles West of Venus” “Ten miles West of Venus” by Judy Troy is a story about Franklin Sanders a minister at Venus United Methodist church. He’s coping with an unfulfilling marriage and yearning for something more in his life. On one Sunday afternoon in the month of May he takes a drive ten miles west of town of to visit Marvelle Lyle, widower of Morgan Lyle who committed suicide in April. Marvelle had stopped attending church after her husbands passing and Franklin was on a journey to coax her back. Having a brief personal encounter with Marvelle in the past and feeling guilty Franklin wants to make amends and the only way he knows how is through the lord. Upon arriving at Marvelle’s home he is greeted at the door by Marvelle’s son Curtis who invites him inside. Marvelle, who is standing in the doorway of the kitchen, offers Franklin some coffee. Franklin immediately starts to admire Marvelle’s appearance as she brews the coffee, her long red hair that desperately needed to be brushed, the baggy jeans that sag on her hips and the look of sadness on her face. The two sat together and conversed about their personal lives, their sinful encounter with each other in the past, and also questioned whether or not God would play any role in their lives. Troy’s story seems to convey that even though one may get blindsided by the demons of temptation, unhappiness and death it is always important to remember your faith or belief system to steer you back on the right path in
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