Life Cereal - Rhetorical Analysis

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This old commercial presents a cereal called Life and shows three brothers in a traditional family setting debating on whether or not it is worth eating. The cereal presented is made by a tried and true company Quaker which offers heart healthy foods to combat the unhealthy cholesterol in our bodies. The commercial seems to rely heavily on pathos to persuade the audience with a cereal that is supposed to be good for you. The pathos used shows two brothers looking at a potentially repulsive cereal in which they push off to a younger brother named Mikey. As they look at the cereal one brother says “dumb cereal, it’s supposed to be good for you” and then they agree with each other to give it to Mikey who hates everything. Since Mikey hates everything they think that he will not eat the cereal. They watch with extreme discernment while the younger brother is deciding to try out the cereal. Mikey then digs into the cereal and with excitement the two older brothers yell out “he likes it, hey Mikey!” As soon as the commercial starts ethos becomes immediately apparent with three brothers at a table eating breakfast in a traditional family setting. The commercial proves to the audience that Life cereal is not a repulsive cereal. This is shown when the younger brother Mikey, who hates everything, digs into the cereal. Therefore, anyone should like this cereal if it is enjoyed by someone who normally hates everything. Also the commercial proves trust and creditability by showing a product made by the Quaker oats company. And, anyone who purchases Quaker products knows that they are a long time tried and true company that sells healthy products that are good for you. Throughout the commercial we are also presented with logos more than one time. This is first shown to the audience when a younger boy that hates everything digs into Life cereal. So logic would say that

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