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“Proof of Heaven” By: Eden Alexander Dr. Eden Alexander was a neurosurgeon along with being a scientist. He studied at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1976 with a major in chemistry and later learned his M.D. at Duke University Medical School in 1980. He grew up in a family where they went to church every Sunday as a family, and later on he encouraged his two boys to say their prayers at night. Dr. Eden said “I’d never escaped my feelings of doubt at how any of it could be real. As much as I’d grown up wanting to believe in God and Heaven and the afterlife, my decades in the rigorous scientific world of academic neurosurgery had profoundly called into question how such things could…show more content…
But Eden IV insisted that he drive over night from his college to come and be by his fathers’ side. Holley finally let Bond see his father on the third day when he was in a coma. More and more of Eden’s family had gotten a call that he was not doing so well and they need to come up and visit. They even reached out to Eden’s biological parents. Eden just recently was reunited with his birth parents. He was adopted when he was nine months old to his family now and couldn’t ask for a better family. But he, along with everyone else that is adopted, just wanted to know where he came from and why he was put up for adoption. Again and again he was turned down by the adoption agency because he was a part of a closed adoption. Eden had stopped trying to find answers after he was turned town several times. Years had passed and his youngest son Bond was now curious who the rest of his family was. Eden again thinking that he was going to be turned down again tried calling that agency one last time. Surprisingly he had a letter for him from his biological sister. He read the letter and found out that he was put up for adoption when he was a baby because his mother was sixteen and his father was eighteen. They were in high school so things were not going to work out. To his surprise, they got married later on and are now still together. He also has more siblings and was excited to meet…show more content…
Some people believe in evolution and there is no god, others praise more than one god, and then there is Eden who was not sure if god was real but later encountered after life and brought him into a better way of life. You can call me crazy but I do believe in after life and how god sends us messages through our love ones. Just this past summer my boyfriend committed suicide. I was left with millions of questions of why and how he could do this to his friends and family. I have had a hard year trying to cope with the situation and trying to tell myself that he is with God and other angles up in heaven. I can personally say that god has him under his belt and is keeping him safe. I have heard this through Mark in my dreams. Yes dreams are not like NDE, but it is still in a state of mind where my brain wonders off and there is a possibility that it truly is God and Mark visiting me. Eden was talking about how the gates of Heaven were closed and it was not the time for him to enter. (Eden 2012 pg.101) This tells me that God doesn’t let just anyone go at a certain time. Everything happens for a reason and Mark leaving at age 20 was exactly what God planned for

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