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On the 22nd August 1965 in Winnipeg, Canada twins Bruce and Brian Reimer. Their parents Janet and Ron Reimer were very happy. When the twins were 7 months old they went for a routine circumcision. Bruce was operated on before Brian. However the operation went wrong and it resulted in a laser burning Bruce’s penis off. Several months later they something on TV that gave them hope. Dr John Money was discussing sex change surgery. When the show the ended they wrote to him and he soon replied back. He suggest-ed that they change Bruce into a girl. They went to Baltimore, Maryland. At 2 years old Bruce underwent a sex change. Dr Money told them to call him Brenda, raise him as a girl and that they must not reveal the truth to him as the sex change would not work. He grew…show more content…
When Brenda was told this was the first time she had felt happy in a long time but Brian reacted very badly to the situation. At the age of 14 she decided she would like to be a boy again and call herself Da-vid. At this point Brenda started to make friends and underwent the sur-gery. For once he had a gender and he got com-pensation from the hospi-tal for the unfortunate accident that had hap-pened. He was later introduced to Jane and her three children and on 22nd Sep-tember 1990 they got married. He was a great husband and father and for once he had a normal life. However he did have a very difficult relationship with Brian as he had abandoned David in a way. Brian ended up with mental disturbance which later developed into schizophrenia. David had also discovered that Dr Money was still continu-ing to publish his story as a success. Brian and David decided to tell their side of the story to the world so they could know the truth. Af-ter the show was broad-cast Brian’s condition de-teriorated. On July 1st 2002 Brian was found dead in his

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