Short Story: The Senator, The Mayor, And The Highway

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The Senator, The Mayor, and The Highway One day in the neighborhood of Fells Point, Maryland, an angry mob was protesting so loudly that it woke up Miss Barbara Mikulski from her peaceful slumber. Curious and tired, she arose from her bed to investigate. When she walked outside, she asked what all the commotion was about. The members of the mob were ranting and raving about a new interstate that was going to go throught their neighborhood and destroy it. Barbara was outraged about what she was hearing and was determined to do something about this injustice. She always was known for speaking her mind so she decided to put this talent to good use and began to protest with the mob. Coincidently, one morning she chose to eat breakfast at Jimmy’s Café, a local diner. Still angered by the morning’s events, she thought this would be a good place to gather her thoughts and come up with a plan. She had just ordered coffee and scrambled eggs when she noticed a man who was familiar to her in a booth in the back of the diner. She couldn’t believe her luck. It was Baltimore’s mayor, William Donald Schaefer. She knew she must go speak to him about her dilemma. Outraged about what she thought was the mayor’s idea,…show more content…
They had to figure out what to do with Otterbein Homes since it was a deserted slum. The two had to make the neighborhood attractive for people to move back in. Schaefer had heard of homesteading and brought the idea up to Mikulski, who was now running for a spot on the city council. They were going to sell the homes for a dollar through a lottery system. The buyers would then have to renovate the homes to their original conditions. Many people were interested in buying the homes and the project was a success. Barbara Mikulski became so popular that she was voted into the city council and mayor Schaefer was so loved that Esquire magazine called him “The Best Mayor in America.” This team couldn’t be

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