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Maus II Chapter 1 Art gets a phone call from his father saying that his wife Mala, has stolen money from him and left him. He promptly goes with his wife to his father’s cabin to stay with him for a few days. On the drive there, Art explains to his wife how growing up with his parents idolizing his dead brother Richeu was hard for him. I can relate because I have always felt a sort of sibling rivalry with my older sister, though she is alive and well. The next day they go for a walk and he tells him about how he was lucky at Auschwitz, a polish guard kept him well fed and clothed so that he may learn English from him. This connects to modern times because knowing multiple languages is very important, even in today’s world. He tells him about his old friend, Mendelbaum, whom he helped, but eventually was “finished” by the Germans. He also constantly complains about how his wife would hassle him to change his will in her favor. He tells Art that even on his deathbed, Mala brought a notary to him, and she paid 15 dollars, when he could have…show more content…
His father needs someone to take care of him in his old age. He tells Art that his wife, Mala, will come back and stay with him only if he gives her 100,000 dollars. Art insists on hearing his father’s memories. He asks about Anja but his father tells him he knows only that she got back to Sosnowiec before him. He tells him that the train he was on stopped short of the border, and they told were that the Americans would be in the next town and they would take them. When they got to the next town, they were met by a German patrol that took them to the forest and planned to kill them. The Germans ran away and Vladek and his friend Shivek went to hide out in an abandoned house where they found milk and chickens to eat. They are met there by Americans who let them stay and clean for them. Art’s father then gives him a box full of pictures of his family before the

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