Literary Analysis Unit 1 Test Part 2

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Graded Assignment Unit Test, Part 2: How a Story Unfolds Answer the following question in complete sentences. (20 points) Choose any two of the short stories in this unit. How do the authors use suspense, foreshadowing, irony, and point of view to create an effective narrative? Give examples from both stories to support your analysis, and be sure to identify the point of view for each story. Answer: “The Story of an Hour” and “After Twenty Year” Literary Analysis and Composition 2 The suspense of “The Story of an Hour” is when her sister tells her in broken up sentences that her husband had passed away in a train excited. Knowing that her husband had passed away, she had felt freedom. Usually when someone's husband or love one had passed away the feel grief or pain, but for her she had felt free from her husband. The irony in the story is when she thinks that her husband had pass way and graceful to have her freedom back, only to find out 60 minutes later that her husband was still alive, taking away the freedom she had felt. I believe that is why the story is called “The Story of an Hour” the story is telling us, what had happened during the hour and what happen happened after the hour she finds out that he was a alive. She had her freedom, but soon after her freedom was taken away and she had died. The suspense of “After Twenty Years” was that it was a dark night and you couldn't see a thing. The story was about two men that are meeting again after twenty years of not seeing each other at all. The thing is that the Jimmy is the guy that Bob was talking about and that he had sent someone else to go arrest him, because Jimmy didn't want to arrest his friend. The foreshadowing in the story is that when bob had lit his cigar, the light had showed his face and some of the diamonds that he was wearing, during the time that light had

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