Teddy's Case

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Dear Mr. Moore, As per your request I have reviewed the case in the details and all the facts found throughout my investigation point out that your company is liable for the conduct of your employees and sexual harassment accusations brought by Virginia Pollard. Virginia Pollard was the only woman working in the warehouse, and she has become a victim of pranks perpetrated by her six male colleagues. They made her work environment very uncomfortable and stressful.” Her co-workers taped her drawers shut, locked her out of the guard shack she sat in to watch the inventory, filled the guard shack with trash, and backed a forklift up to the door and made it backfire in her ear.” She was constantly exposed to inappropriate language and behavior…show more content…
At every meeting it should be mandatory part of the meeting agenda to go over the policies and people should be encouraged if they feel discriminated, harassed or their work environment is hostile they should report it. People should be aware of the rules and regulations and know that such behaviors are unacceptable. By improving the policy by making it more detailed and educating its employees of rules and regulations as well as providing them with the advice and support will make people come forward in the case that such incidents occur. Also employees should be aware that such behaviours have zero tolerance and participant will be terminated from their jobs. I believe if Teddy’s had its policy communicated more clearly to its employees, Virginia Pollard would not have been harassed and man would not put her in such a situation as they would know what the potential consequences could be. 4. I do not think that Pollard’s case would have been different if her replacement has been a female. Virginia Pollard was a victim of discrimination and sexual harassment and that is what has already happened. If her replacement was a female Teddy’s could use that to show that they are not discriminating towards whom they are hiring and the policy is in the effect. In any case of discrimination and sexual harassment zero-tolerance will be enforced. But all this is for the future and what has happened to Pollard cannot be changed so the outcomes cannot be changed and the damages will not be
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