Supporting Individuals with Specific Communication Needs

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SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION NEEDS TASK C It is crucial for a support worker to be aware and take the matter carefully, because the capability to make decisions among individuals is different. it may looks quite simple to think that people with mental impairment, physical illness or people how have got language barriers, may have affect their capabilities to express agreement. A professional carer will understand how to work sensitively with service user individually and design goals to achieve successful outcomes. The mental capacity act clearly defines that every adult has the right to make their own decisions. It must be assumed that they have the capacity to do so, unless it has been proven otherwise. It also states people should be support in making their own decisions. As broad principle consent should be gained for all activity, even if you wanted to plump someone’s pillows, you should gain consent. It is essential that people not only give their consent but also fully understand what they are consenting to and the implications of this. Consent can be implied, verbal, informed or written. Gaining consent protects both the carer and the person against legal challenge. Today it is common to challenge the opinions of doctors, nurses and other health workers. {People have become more comfortable with the idea of being asked for their views and consent. If no consent is given you cannot proceed with the care. It is illegal to put pressure on the person and go against their wished. When supporting a colleague with regards to consent of an individual it is important to ensure that the colleague understands that the decision of the individual is final. I would advise the social care worker to provide the individual with all the information regarding the decision (positive and negative) and in a way that best suits the individual. I

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