Confronting Physical Abuse

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Everyone needs a sense if security to turn to. In relationships that turn into physical abuse it is crucial to have that somebody you can rely on when your significant other starts abusing you. Having that person you can turn to in times of need can help a lot speaking to somebody about the issue of your physical abuse can help put things into perspective. Someone outside the situation is also neutral and can help see things from an unbiased point of view who in the end can suggest options on that you have not thought of on your own. Talking to someone about what’s going on can help you make sense of your feelings because chances are your feeling as if this is all your fault your feeling lonely and helpless talking to someone will help you see that none of what your feeling is true. Verbalizing your emotions will help you gain confidence and give you courage to address your significant other about the situation. Confronting your significant other about what happened is essential, address your significant other for your own reasons, not because there’s certain reaction your expecting No amount of planning can predict the reaction your abuser/significant other will have. When confronting this person you have to ensure you’re in a safe environment. Never met with this person in a secluded area where there are no people around.…show more content…
The abuser should be able to identity his behavior and his reactions to things, develop respectful behavior in place of abusive ones. In cases like this with full communication there definitely is a chance of bringing the relationship to a normal and loving state. If none of these apply to what you’re going through chances is your going to have to make the decision to

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