Understand Person Centred Care

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CU307P/ Understand Person-Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care Settings 1.1 Person centred Approach is all about putting the individual’s needs, wishes, preferences and beliefs first, ensuring that they are involved in what is happening to them, respecting them as individuals, upholding their rights as individuals and making sure that they are in the middle of everything that you do 1.2 Person Centred values are: Individuality Working in a way that recognises that everyone is different and has their own needs. I will need to make sure I do not make general assumptions about people. For example, not all old people like to play bingo or want to go out on coach trips. Some do and others don’t. Rights Promoting people’s rights to access services and fully participate in society Choice Recognising that people have a right to choose how they live and what they want to do with their lives. So they must be able to choose how they want their social care to be delivered and to make choices about whom they want to deliver it and when. Privacy Making sure people have their privacy when they want it. Sometimes my clients may want to be private just to have some time to themselves; on other occasions it may be because they are having personal care or medical treatment, or they want to talk to a professional and have confidential information to discuss. Independence Supporting individuals to do as much as they possibly can for themselves to promote their independence. I need to make sure that I do not take over and do things for them instead of allowing them to get on with their lives as they wish. I just need to manage the risk so that they are able to participate in daily life and get on with living Dignity and respect- with all aspects of their lives including how they wish to be addressed. Listening to what individuals have to say

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