Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care Unit 5

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1. Understand the meaning of duty of care. 1.1) Define the term duty of care: this is the responsiablelty of an individual under the employment of an care institution to adhere to as well as an legal obligation. This will affect attitudes to the appropriate duty of care towards adult using services also you can include your work colleges and yourself within this. Furthermore this requires work to be based towards the best interests of the individuals using the service so therefore ensuring that care practice isn’t detrimental to the health, wellbeing and safety of the adult; only carrying out care practice with your own level of competence, role and responsibility. 1.2) Describe how the duty of care effects own work role. Duty of care is synonymous to how care work is adopted according to the best interests of the individual, Therefore you should carry out duty’s in which you are competent and in own job description and if you have the inability to do specific tasks you are well within your grounds to decline certain tasks, which brings me on to another key feature of duty of care which is being accountable for own descions and actions; following certain procedures in all aspects of work including the approptie use of resources and equipment. Furthermore it is paramount that you provide standards of care in line of codes of practice of the settings/service as well as in line with the underpinning values of adult social care the respect of the individual should be the predominant focal point which can be displayed by respecting their rights to preservation of dignity, safeguarding; the need to observe confidentiality; the need to be observant; the importance of induction and regular updating of your own individual skills and knowledge base. Another key aspect of your role within your duty of care is ensure that all concerns are reported by completing
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