Cu2666 - Promote Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care.

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1.1 Personal centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work. This is because it involves the individual that is centre to the care by considering all aspects of their life, including their rights and personal preferences (including religious beliefs) as well as maintaining privacy, dignity, Independence and respect. By doing this it will conclude to the best possible care for the individual who receives it and it will empower the individual as well as include them too. 1.2 personal centred care plans are much more detailed than basic care plans. As well as the necessary assessment of needs and circumstances, required outcome and timescales for carrying it out and reviewing; personal centred care plans will include much more information about the individuals desires relating to their care. It also includes details of how they want their care to be carried out, their interests, likes and dislikes, people who are important to them, their view on priorities of care and a balance between wants and needs. All these listed, will have been achieved in partnership with all necessary parties, with the individual at the centre. 2.1 The individual is at the heart of personal centred ways. To achieve a personal centred way you need to understand the individual. The best way of doing this is to not just understand their current situation but understand their life. Their past will give clues into their likes, dislikes and beliefs. Understatement will be achieved, as well as a sense of trust. It is important not to presume that past preferences are related to current ones. They must be agreed on and sought from the individual. 2.2 Within a complex or sensitive situations, you must be even more vigilant to changes. With continuity you will be able to recognise the individuals changes in behaviours and emotions to detect that there may be something wrong

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