L & Rsquo Case Study

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L’Toya, who is a worker at a rural county social services agency, is faced with a difficult problem. She notices that there is a growing population of gay and lesbian people in the area. L’Toya wants to provide a program that has support groups for gay and lesbian people dealing with many issues. Even though L’toya has these plans they are interrupted by these two powerful members of the County Board, who rejects the idea of having support groups for gays and lesbians. The members are not aware of any gay or lesbian people living in that area, so they believe it is not necessary to provide such programs. After being denied, L’Toya still believes that she can fight the ruling. So, she began to devise a plan that would get more people involved. L’Toya believed by educating the two members may give her another chance to defend her case. She also believed by getting advocates of a gay rights organization may help her get the right attention she needs to move forward.…show more content…
It should not matter what that person preference is or how they live their life. L’Toya shows great effort on trying to make everyone have equal rights and possibilities. The two members should not be closed minded and should be aware of who is living in their city and what those persons may need. I believe I would have done the same thing, because everyone needs assistance in some way and all should be awarded
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