Hinduism In Australia

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A GUIDE TO HINDI IN AUSTRALIA CONTENTS 1. History 3 2. Community Services 4 3. Places of Worship 5 - 8 4. Food 9 5. Entertainment & Media 10 - 11 6. Health 12 - 13 7. Reference List 14 History of Hinduism History and Beliefs Hinduism has no definitive point of origin, or a prophet or founder. Instead, it is an accumulation of various Indian traditions that go back several thousand years. Hindus believe that time is eternal, and texts refer to successive ages, or yuga. These yuga are golden, silver, copper and iron. During the golden age, people adhered to the rules of dharma (law, duty, truth). With each successive age, these…show more content…
These can be accessed through the following link: http://www.fecca.org.au/resources/harmony-in-the-workplace-factsheets Nurses need to encourage other nurses to take time to learn or develop an understanding of the Hindu people with the aim to get them to acknowledge all cultural factors and the individual beliefs (religious or cultural practices) and values when dealing with them in the health care setting. (Morris J) Nurse can do this by encouraging others to be sensitive to the individual preferred gender, beliefs (religious or cultural practices) and values. A disregard of modesty can cause considerable distress to Hindus and in particular to Hindu women. Even in a health care context, women are generally reluctant to undress for examination. If undressing is necessary, it is preferable for a patient to be treated by a doctor or nurse of the same sex. (Morris J) Workplace practices which can promote the awareness of cultural diversity in the Australian workplace…show more content…
These may be misunderstandings to do with ineffective communication or it may have to do with differences in cross-cultural communication. If you sense a conflict brewing, do not allow it to fester, resolve it early. Be direct and courteous. Develop a plan of action to address the problem with your co-worker and then work together toward resolving it. Healthcare settings need to develop a clear written workplace policy stating that harassment and discrimination are not tolerated and establish a process for hearing complaints while maintaining confidentially by appointing an appropriate ‘Contact Officer’ to deal with complaints. If we are going to work harmoniously with people from diverse backgrounds, we need to be tolerant and respectful about values, beliefs and religious practices, which may be very different from our own. The more we learn about other cultures, the more we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes and respect their position. When you and a co-worker do not agree, try looking at things from their perspective.(DOE&T

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