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Implementing IHI's Medication Administration Bundle to Reduce Medication Errors Abstract Technology planned to ease the medication administration procedure in health care facilities promises to shrink medication inaccuracies. Hospitals across the nation struggle with implementing electronic medication administration and reporting (eMAR) systems as part of patient safety programs. The electronic Medication Administration Record “eMAR” is an electronic documentation tool that traces the dispensation of medications by approved clinical personnel. The eMAR combined with positive ID components (bar coded employee badges, wristbands, medications); and devices to read the bar codes, deliver critical technology purposes to strengthen the…show more content…
The 1st step of unfreezing helps to melt personnel's resistance to change. Unfreezing can be done by disseminating information about adverse drug errors and their incidence at MGH. By using a persuasive message, it supports the need for change. Issuing information to the users about nonreimbursement procedures from the CMS will help to pass the information needed to prepare for the change. Dealing with the fear of change and anxiety is important to help open employees to change. Personnel are given information that helps them to become aware of why changes necessary. The 2nd phase is ‘change’, which deviates from the norm within an organization. This type of change can include many items such as implementing new technology, changing leadership, changing products, and how patients are serviced, or policies and procedures. The staff will be given information Re: training sessions and the plan to ensure staff are aware and prepared for the changes to come. Having leadership established in the initialization of the change will provide support for the desired transformation. The final phase is refreezing. The affected staff will have many opportunities for their own input about the application’s performance and if they attained adequate preparation to achieve the execution phase of eMAR. Refreezing is the process of including new policies and procedures to develop into a component of the agenda of the organization. In this phase, employee coaching, and training are included as well as implementing a reward system to help facilitate the refreezing phase (Sullivan and Decker,

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