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The advantages of modern technology balances with the costs that technology brings. Modern technology has opened up many opportunities for people around the world; not just industrial, but as well as having the chance to live a longer or healthier life. Though technology can give us an easier life, it can also bring harm through cyber bullying and the cost of Facebook giving teenagers low self-esteem. With technology all around us, many has also been too dependant of technology, causing them to lose everyday skills. Technology in the medical world has saved a large population of the world. Everyday, approx 132 000 patients are treated in public hospitals everyday in Australia with machines to help them survive. These days, life expectancy is longer than what it was thirty years ago, because of the existence of machinery. The purpose of technology in our medical world demonstrates how technology is an advantage. In our daily lives, especially through our education we require the need for technology. Technology, when integrated into the curriculum, revolutionizes the learning process as equipment like interactive white boards, computers and laptops allows us to work faster and efficiently. Technology in schools enhances students’ way of learning and gives them many opportunities. The use of technology in educational lives expresses the benefit technology brings us. While technology provides us with great opportunities, it can also bring harm, danger and sadness into our lives through the cyber world. Many teenagers these days spend more of their waking hours on the internet. Most of these are spent on a world-known social networking site, Facebook. When online, teenagers see their friends update their statuses, upload pictures of themselves looking happy, allowing the person feel low about themselves and thinking that they don’t measure up. This can cause
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