Cache Level 2 Teaching and Learning in Schools

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Nicola Ithell Unit 219 outcome 1 1.1 My settings ICT policy states :- This policy document sets out the school’s aims, principles and strategies for the delivery of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It will be reviewed at regular intervals and updated as necessary by the ICT Coordinator. As well as being an important curriculum requirement, the ability to use ICT effectively is a vital life skill. We interpret the term Information Communication Technology to include the use of any equipment, which allows users to communicate or manipulate information electronically. The overall aim is to produce learners who are confident and effective users of ICT and to ensure that teachers develop confidence and competence to use ICT to facilitate effective teaching. Pupils should be given opportunities to :- Use ICT with purpose and enjoyment. Develop their ICT capability. Become autonomous users. Evaluate the benefits of ICT and its impact on society. Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum as fully as possible and help all pupils achieve the highest possible standards of achievement. Celebrate success in the use of ICT. ICT is a powerful tool, which can be used to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum, challenging the most able while supporting those with learning difficulties. Pupils will be taught and given opportunities to consolidate skills through highly motivating cross-curricular activities. This will be achieved by incorporated it in the planning of each topic where possible. Key Stage 1 Pupils should be taught to become familiar with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hardware and software. They learn to use ICT confidently and purposefully to achieve specific outcomes. They start to use ICT to develop their ideas and record their creative work. Pupils should be given opportunities to:

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