Technology Lead to Obesity

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Technology is contributing to obesity. What is your opinion? Technology plays a big role in our daily activities. The existence of technology has made our lives more convenient and more comfortable. Each day, people tend to be more dependable on technologies for communication, leisure, education, work and other doings. Due to extreme reliability on technology, this then leads to negativity. It is agreed that technology is contributing to obesity because of mind-set and awareness. Firstly, technology is believed to contribute towards obesity due to mind-set. Everyone wants to have as many gadgets as possible because they believe that gadgets would increase comfort and convenience. They think that it is important to rely upon technology as it represents the ability of equipment skill as well as living status. The society is certain that the more gadgets they have, the more established their life would be. This is because technologies such as mobile phone, treadmill, play station and many more are expensive and can only be used by people who are technology savvy. Despite of this believe, less do people know that too many technologies lead to obesity as people are not physically active. Hence, it is crucial to realize the purpose of having a gadget in order to prevent buying unnecessary technology. Finally, technology is contributing to obesity because of awareness. In this modern world, everyone dreams of being in the technology savvy group. The society would spend a lot of money to buy all sorts of equipments due to the view that technology makes life easier. Based on this perception, people always have gadgets in hand. However, the society is not aware that excessive technology usage may jeopardize health. People would totally depend on gadgets which then make them passive, isolated and other unhealthy lifestyle. It is also a fact that technology wave may

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