Technology Killing Critical Thinking

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Is Technology Killing Thinking Skills? In my belief, Technology is there to enhance an individuals mind and his/her thinking skills. It can be used as a tool or a new way of expanding your mind. Technology is no different from the traditional school work. If a student don’t want to learn on a particular day, he/she wont learn even if you're using technology or pen and paper. But, with technology, it is a new way of grabbing a student’s attention. In this new millennium, technology is a fast approach to the learning scheme. Students can blog, post work online, and research information online without relying on that one source. THE TEACHER. By posting online, the individual can receive constructive criticism on their work in order to improve it. Technology eliminates the constant spell checks and the constant mis spelled words. Technology is a great new source and a great new way of thinking and writing. BUT,.... Too much of one thing is a bad thing. If students constantly use the technology to entertain himself or do his work, it can hinder his/her progress. On standardized testing, there are no CPU's, on the SAT's , there are no CPU's, In everyday speaking, There are no CPU's. This new technology and internet should be used effectively. It should be a source and not a main way of living. It should be there to improve your learning, not take over it. Technology is a fast growing trend but it has not taken over all aspects of life. If individuals decide to resort solely on technology to perform task, its on them because while using technology, your other skills slowly diminish. Your penmanship, your speaking, and your "outside of the box" thinking. What if there is a power loss and you have no CPU? How will you finish your 5 page paper that is due tomorrow? There are many wrongs that can happen before the right come out of it. I’m personally for Technology but you
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