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Exploratory Paper: Creativity in the form of Music and Art and the relevance of its Uses in Educational fields such as Science and Mathematics Introduction. "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence," sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz has said. The creative arts such as Art and Music are of more importance as compared to Mathematics and Science because Art and Music are just those classes that everyone takes and passes easily. Without the creative arts, advancement in more complicated areas of the curriculum may not be possible. Mathematics and Science are subjects that students need to take and have difficulty struggling to pass. Unfortunately, many schools’ creative arts programs are being cut simply because the…show more content…
In fact there is rare evidence that the opposite is true. However, this does not seem so important for 2 reasons. First, no one is really doing anything huge about it besides, some schools have already started to encourage educators who are musicians but to do not teach music at their schools, to volunteer their time to guide students to becoming involved with music and art. Secondly, much of the research which encompasses a different viewpoint than the creative arts is more useful than math, seems to lean more towards drawing a connection between the creative arts and other subjects, showing that the creative arts do make students smarter but that it is still more important to be good in all other subjects as well. The article titled , “Does Music Make You Smarter?”, which was published in Music Educators Journal brings up some important information regarding the problem. The article was published in 2000 and it contains research conducted by Steven M. Demorest and Steven J. Morrison who are Music professors at the University of Washington. This article stood out to me in my research for 2 reason. First, it posed an important idea which I hope to apply to my research which is that , “In all the recent press about the potential benefits of music and music instruction, there is an implicit assumption that "smarter" means "smarter at something else"(33). Secondly, this article,…show more content…
This is where progress can potentially be made; inspiring creative thought where it is not typically expected to be. The accessibility to inspire creative thought explains how the arts are important. The issue is to figure out, why? Research shows that art has more power and identity whether or not students are good at it. Students can be taught what is appropriately creative in order to guide them to the enhancement of their creative intelligences. Then, if the students still need to learn math and science, they can more easily with the creativity and confidence regarding their abilities that they pick up in the arts. Both types of intelligences use one another in order serve a better purpose in the greater scheme of things. So they cannot really be compared because what one discipline deems important, the other may not and so on. We as humans cannot compare r individual accomplishments amongst ourselves to others in accomplishments because everyone is coming from different circumstances. so the questions is not to argue which one is better or more important. the question then becomes which methods could be more useful in achieving this integration towards individualistic progression and ultimately, happiness. It is impossible to say which set of disciplines is better or more important because people are good at what they are individually good at. There is no

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