Whats The Matter With Kids Today

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Rachel Reine English 101 Section 4 February 19, 2012 Internet Use in Teenagers In response to the new generation’s use of internet and lack of reading classic books, Amy Goldwasser defends the teenage reputation in her article “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” Goldwasser speaks of how the internet has expanded kids’ minds when it comes to school and themselves, also how this generation has more access than older generations due to the internet. Goldwasser claims that teenagers spending time online is overall good for them because they do read and write. The content, however, is not strong enough for educational purposes. A blog post about how to curl hair or how to pass the perfect spiral is not giving them any educational value. Whereas reading the local newspaper or reading a classic novel like “The Great Gatsby” by F Scott Fitzgerald would provide a more intellectual purpose. Goldwasser believes that teenagers look up websites that are educational, that is not the case. A lot of time that is spent on the internet is used on social networking sites. Goldwasser also mentions that parents often go to their teenager for help when it comes to modern technology. I would have to agree with her statement but argue that perhaps parents should ask for help on how to use the technology itself. Teenagers are not teachers by any means, but the amount of knowledge that they have when it comes to technology could make them geniuses. I know from experience that teaching an older person technology is not a very hard process. With a little time and effort parents Although, Goldwasser makes a valid poing in saying parents could have taught more to their children. I have to argue that its not the parents fault. When it comes to
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