Center Comparison: The Early Childhood Classroom

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Center Comparison I really enjoyed this center comparison assignment. I did a few hours of observations of the children interacting in the classrooms and talked to the teachers as well for additional information. This assignment enabled me to compare two different classrooms and gathered information about nurturing responsive relationships with children, families, and colleagues. My target outcome was to analyze the early childhood classroom/environment based on your knowledge of social and emotional development. I feel like I met those expectations. When I met with the teachers we even had the opportunities to swap ideas to maybe better our own classrooms. The first classroom that I observed was at Asheville City Preschool. Classroom…show more content…
I would have to say that either classroom did nothing wrong and that they shouldn’t change anything. Even though both classrooms were a lot different, they both worked very well. I did some research myself because at the first center that I was at there was some challenging behavior. I looked up why and how to cope with the behaviors and what should teacher and parents do if there child does have some challenging behavior. I researched so many websites because this became interesting to me. The first website that I was on I really liked what I read. Challenging behavior is any behavior that interferes with children’s learning, development, and success at play is harmful to the child, other children, or adults puts a child at high risk for later social problems or school failure (Klass, Guskin, and Thomas; Ritchie and Pohl, 2010). We do not call this behavior challenging because it summons you to a duel or battle but because it is threatening, provocative, and stimulating, all at the same time. Another website was, and it was just more less the understanding of why challenging behaviors happens with young children. And the last website that I went to was This website was more for the families to read and get more of a understand and it gave some resources. If I was to have a challenging child in my class then I would was to involve the parents or caregivers and let them be on the same page as I am. And I’m sure as a parent they would want to have more of an understanding as to why their child is the way they are

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