Technology in the Classroom

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In a classroom environment each student should feel that they are able to learn. Using technology within the classroom helps deliver an assignment that would help the students understand. Accommodating each student is the key to effective teaching. Using certain tools can make a class more interested, and knowing that the teacher has their attention can make their job easier as well. I will be concentrating on the tools and equipment that have been used in education to benefit the student as well as the teacher. There are a number of strategies that one can implement when you have a Visual learner. Learning strategies that can help a visual learner would be to focus on the learning objectives of the class: the student could meet with the teacher to understand better, the learner should look for opportunities to work with new material; a more hands on approach, seek out open-ended studies: problem base learning and case studies, aid to recall when studying for a test: use highlighters for color coding. In Mathematics an abacus was used to solve problems, now a student can program a graphing calculator to solve problems for them. Some schools allow children to bring laptops into class with them, in other schools it is mandatory that all students have a laptop to bring to school. From having no computers in the classroom to having dozens of computers in the classroom has been an evolution of the educational system. There are many ways for a teacher to integrate this within the lesson plans. Technology as the world changes the curriculum must change to incorporate technology. The best form of technology with in the class would be computers. Students with different learning styles can easily maneuver the computers from face book, my space, etc. Computers have made a fundamental impact in most industries, providing a competitive advantage that has come to be
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