Graphic Organizers in the Classroom

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Utilizing Graphic Organizers in the Classroom ETT4 Task 1 Western Governors University When utilized in a classroom, graphic organizers can be a powerful learning tool. At first glance, what seems like words in a box can be underestimated. Looking closer, one can realize that it is really a high concentration of valuable information placed in an organized pattern on a page. Graphic organizers can be used to not only introduce and organize instructional content, but also to help students identify, organize and assimilate key concepts and related details. When first introducing to a lesson, a graphic organizer can be used to assess and organize a student’s knowledge on the lesson topic. An easy way to utilize a graphic organizer in this way is to have the students fill out a KWL chart. This organizes key information regarding what the student currently knows, what the student wants to know, and later on what the students have learned as a direct result of the lesson. This provides the instructor a learning history of what they can build upon and clues them in on areas of interest they can use later on in the lesson. During the lesson, students can utilize graphic organizers to identify, organize and assimilate key concepts and related details. A graphic organizer encourages students to actively seek out important details and helps filter out the non-crucial information. Students are forced to focus in on the areas of information that are important and in the process of filling out the organizer students are then able to make important connections between details. It also provides an outline that organizes the lesson information into a logical pattern making even more sense of the content increasing the student’s comprehension. Another benefit of utilizing a graphic organizer during a lesson is that it gives the

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