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Learning Scenarios Byron Stallings EDU 490 Interdisciplinary Capstone Instructor: Benjamin Hegedish January 7, 2013 Each of the following scenarios presents a situation based on a real world teaching situation that you may encounter during your career as an educator James is a first year English teacher in a low-income high school outside of a major metropolitan area. His students are of diverse backgrounds and equally diverse learning styles. As part of his opening unit, he is preparing to teach his class about the tools that authors use to make their writing more engaging. He decides to focus on symbolism, metaphor, and simile. He has already developed a vocabulary handout that defines each word and includes examples, but when he does…show more content…
How might James structure his 45-minute lesson to include elements of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning? Using figurative language is a smart way to help students expand their writing. The challenge may be that the depth of their vocabulary and comprehension might be limited, due their environment. Offering hands-on manipulates and activities might be a useful and engaging way to start. Including a basket of items, which engage the five senses, can be handled and are catalyst for discussion might be considered. Providing large font posters of common expressions and quotes, which are familiar to students, could be helpful. Symbols, metaphors and similes in literature, would be good for small group discussion could be circulated. In small groups, students can write together sentences using similes and metaphors for each sentence, which the teacher offers topics. Allowing students to work in groups with magnetic words that are good words for similes and metaphors that students can choose from to help them in sentence assembly and improvement could be fun and educational. .2What methods can James use to check for comprehension once the lesson is…show more content…
She should use this resource to have these ELL students assist those who are struggling but can relate to the similar cultural attributes. 2.What strategies can she use on the first day of class to help determine the interests of the students in her classroom? Determining the interests of the students can be done by the teacher using question and answer sessions that incorporate students likes and dislikes into the discussion. She can use surveys and other assessment tools to give to students asking them about what they find interesting in regard to their interest in school as well as life in general. The focus should be on determining the students studying habits and learning styles to develop the most astute lesson plans that can cater to the student interests to facilitate a learning environment that gives students the most optimal chance at success 3.How can she include aspects of her students' language and culture in her plans for the school

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