Technology and Social Isolation

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Technology and Social Isolation Technology and Social Isolation Technology has been and will always be a vital part of our economy growth and personal lives. The productivity of technology has aided us in so many ways possible that it is a resource that is overly used on a daily basis. Technology has proven to make a difference in our lifestyle, but at what cost? So many people are interacting and submerging themselves into the depths of technology without knowing the adverse effects that are occurring. Though technology is used for productive reasons, it has become the prime hub of cyberspace’s social connection. Technology, no matter the size or form, has imposed itself into society’s daily ventures, causing it to be an addictive poison. Technology users need to find a way to limit them from overusing and apply different methods of connecting with others. Being able to socialize in person other than using technology, can not only enrich the community but also prevent the growth of social isolation, health issues, and remorseful habits. Now that technology is being used so abundantly, people are becoming socially isolated and disconnected from reality. So why must we feel the need and urgency of technologies capabilities to replace something as valuable as human interaction? Has technology grown so much that it is now the only source that’s relevant enough for a community to communicate freely with one another? Is it just more convenient for people to use these technologies as ways to express themselves to others, or is it a way to establish friendships at your own leisure? No matter how people use technology to interact with their daily lives, it is prudent that we understand, without moderate care and usage of these technologies, we are all doomed to be affected negatively. As human beings, we are losing the natural engagements of other people. We are
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