Mobile Technology: Beneficial or Harmful?

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Mobile technology: Beneficial or harmful? Mobile technology is undoubtedly part and parcel of our lives, as well as a proof of the stupendous success in today’s technology. It is immensely influencing our daily lives. It benefits us in several aspects, for instance, convenience, learning and health. Though it positively changed our lives, we could never neglect its drawbacks. For instance, being over-reliant on mobile technology and hindering communication skills. Mobile technology, therefore, to a large extent being beneficial to our daily lives but to a small extent being harmful to our daily lives. First and foremost, to a large extent mobile technology is beneficial to our daily lives. It provides us massive convenience no matter in accessing information, being updated to current news, or even engaging in mass activities. Nowadays, people use their mobile phones to send information to others. It is all about text messaging, which is personal and nearly every message gets read. Some people using mobile phones with Internet connection could even use the famous social application “Whatsapp” to text with others. Moreover, mobile devices keep you updated to current events no matter in your country or worldwide, which you simply need to click a button. In addition, mobile technology could even be used in mass activities, such as elections. As Scherer (2012) states, even Barack Obama’s campaign released an electioneering application in August, which allowed voters to register by merely tapping a button. Mobile digital campaigning allows candidates to woo voters and helps to collect voters’ information in an organized and convenient way. What is more, mobile technology Reliant people may be over-reliant on mobile technology once it becomes indispensible It is surely difficult to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history which could

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