Technology And Social Media Between Blessing And M

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English 101-B55 Essay 2 FD 10/26/2011 Technology and Social Media Between Blessing and Malediction “Technology”, “social media”: two terms that are widely spread nowadays. Everyone or the majority to not exaggerate is related somehow to these emergent extracurricular behaviors of our modern life. Some people use it with being conscious of their reality? And realize it’s a tool to achieve various tasks in the daily life; others melted in this new World making it a type of virtual schizophrenia where they are faking and sometimes isolating themselves from reality seeking intangible fame, success and recognition they might lack in real life. Technological knowledge is a must for everybody to not be left behind in a fast-paced environment we live in. But even this statement is somewhat outdated. Now taking part and being in social media is a necessity to be synchronized with the new life changing. Lakshmi Chaudhry points it out explaining how easy it became for some people to gain fame through technology, “An honor once reserved for World leaders […] down the street”. And is it possible to say that this knowledge is part of this modern literacy? It can be accurate in many ways. Starting with the news, television and radio are no longer the only source of information. It’s crucial to know how to manipulate computers and Internet to study, work, communicate, travel and the list goes on for daily routines accessed by technological means nowadays. And if it happens and we’re still ignorant of how to manipulate those devices, we can find a hard time running a normal life for the simple reason that there’s an unofficial consensus that we’re expected to know. It’ll be difficult for me to follow the lectures and turn in assignments for school in the format the instructor requested if I was lacking this knowledge. Our nation is in such recession where the national
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