Face To Face Contact Diminishing Case Study

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Face-to Face-Contact Diminishing Slowly technology seems to be destroying the meaningfulness of interactions we have with others, disconnecting us from the world around us, and leading to a sense of seclusion in today’s society. In this century people prefer to use technology instead of physically contacting with one another. Current generations have been communicating on social networks, texting, and emailing rather than having one-on-one conversations. They tend to feel safer and it’s easier for them to write out and think what they are going to say rather than blurting it out. They are becoming more socially awkward to talk in person. It’s an important issue to address, because yes technology can help, but at the same time…show more content…
I agree with her in the senses that were losing something human when we substitute technology for face-to-face contact. Online relationships take longer to develop, because you can’t become emotionally attached to someone. In person you know what mood they are in and what’s on their mind, but technology erases that. You also lose visual contact. Recently I started to work at Texas Roadhouse and constantly notice couples on their phones rather then interacting with each other. Even overheard a woman ask her partner why he wasn’t responding to her text. Have you gone through a dinner date without checking your phone? People make it a priority to constantly check Facebook status or messages that they seem to forget about the person next to them. Technology has made a large number of us rude and oblivious to our surroundings. But it has also created an opportunity for others to interact. For example, many girls in my high school would act promiscuous and provocative over Instagram or Facebook. But in school they would act the exact opposite. It doesn’t seem to cross their mind that they are just going to end up hurting themselves and human communication in the long…show more content…
Technology is manipulating us into thinking that virtual interaction can serve as a replacement for human interaction. By doing this we become awkward with one another. It’s important that others understand what will become of the future society if this continues. Technology can be very beneficial, but many users are abusing it. In Sherry Turkle’s chapter No Need to Call, she argues that choosing technology over peers is eventually going to lead to isolation. Texting versus calling is a growing concern for today’s society. Soon human interaction will be a foreign concept. Hopefully topics in discussed her book will be influential to the readers. What are we doing with over 3000 friends on the Facebook? Why are we texting all the time? Seems like a big waste of time. Let’s start spending for time with friends and build better relationships. Let’s make the relationships that count last, and not rely on technology to do the job for

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