The Smart Gap Analysis

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In the rant called “The Smart Gap,” Eric Maisel explains his personal opinion on brain power of individuals. Grit, however, isn’t something that he believes will help people find success. Although some may not agree with what was stated, Maisel brings up many persuaded key points to help get his point across. Throughout Eric Maisel’s rant, many key points are brought up. First, he explains that we will experience emotional pain when we recognize that the work we would love to do might just be unavailable enough to make us doubt that we can proceed. Maisel states, “This is an emotional suffering that researchers haven’t examined: the pain of wanting to do certain intellectual work but not being capable of it.” He then goes on to discuss ways to help your brain to be its best. This can range from silencing the self-talk that can rob you of your confidence, to making fewer excuses about why you don’t have the time, patience, or ability to think. Secondly he points out that choosing the intellectual work that matches your native intelligence, or in other words, staying in your comfort zone. He tells us to find an area of work that isn’t too difficult which enables you to do work that makes use of all your strengths. Lastly, Maisel…show more content…
To Maisel, that would be the smart thing to do, but I don’t agree with his opinion on the matter. I don’t need to stay within my intellectual boundaries. To achieve any of the goals I have for myself, I need to step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes that the only way you can figure out if a type of work is right for you. In Maisel’s own words he says “We are brighter on some days and duller on others.” With this in mind, proving that you can go beyond your native intelligence, is that much easier. Nobody’s going to go through life without some kind of failure, or hardship, you just need to have that motivation to get you through to your ultimate
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