Masking Poor Communication Analysis

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Article Critique: Masking Poor Communication COM200 Robert Olsen December 10, 2012 Article Critique: Masking Poor Communication Throughout life we make connections with people. Bonds are formed, trust is built and relationships are created. All of these things start with a simple connection through communication. When meeting someone new there are long detailed conversations about who we are. Yet what happens when time goes by and conversations get shorter and shorter. Understanding another person for who they are is different than understanding what they are saying. Looking deeper in personal relationship communication skills it all sounds untrue. So taking a close relationship and finding a moment that there was a miscommunication…show more content…
You get rushed and preoccupied, and you stop taking the perspective of the other person, precisely because the two of you are so close.” Being rushed and not going in depth in conversations and only making short statements is a key in miscommunication. “Communication is complex; it requires a number of skills and both ongoing learning and practice to improve our skills. Misunderstandings occur frequently, and they can cause problems in relationships.” (Sole, 2011). Having my husband not understand what I mean by such a short statement is something that I expect since he is my husband. Yet I would not expect someone that isn’t as close to me to immediately grasp what it is I am trying to get across. Taking the description and details out only because it is someone close to me puts a strain on our relationship at times. My frustration and annoyance that I am still being asked to help when I briefly stated I wanted me to take over starts an argument. Being clear in communication could avoid future arguments. After reading this article I see that no matter how long you know someone or how close you are to them the communication needs to be clear. This doesn’t mean just saying to someone that you are upset but giving them the chance to understand completely and explain why and what made you upset. Starting a new relationship with someone you give them details and allow them to get to know you and they do the same. The closer you get to a person does not mean they no longer deserve the benefit of you opening up and fully communicating with

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