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Theoretical Orientation Paper Like Rogers, I believe that humans are inherently good. I believe that we all have the potential to succeed and do what makes us happy. I find that we need to dig deep within ourselves and find what makes us fulfilled and strive for that. The more someone tells you what to do, the least likely you are to doing it. Change takes one's own initiative, and ideally, support from those around you. I believe in the three major premises of Person-Centered therapy - congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. I believe that for therapy to be successful, the therapist must be genuine and sincere with the client and be empathic of his/her feelings as well. Also, the counselor should always treat the client…show more content…
I disagree with this notion. I feel that person-centered theory/therapy can be limiting in the sense that it does not take into account deeper issues, for example, when psychopathology is present. In such cases, assessment, diagnosis, and testing is necessary and beneficial. You cannot have a patient with schizophrenia and simply talk to them about their feelings and repeat content back to them in order for them to reach their full potential because you are likely to get inconsistent responses, and/or hallucinations and no improvements will be seen in the client. In such situations, that client needs to be assessed and diagnosed in order for proper treatment to take…show more content…
I have experienced many adverse personal situations in my life. I could have chosen to take a different path in life but yet I chose to pursue a college education, pursue a master's degree, and choose to do things for myself despite my hardships, that would lead me to be the 'best me' possible. It irks me when people blame their actions or lack thereof on things that have happened to them in life and it is because of this that I want to help people realize that they can always make a positive change in their lives and 'be all that they can be'. I believe that no one is perfect and we all have faults and strengths yet I believe in making choices to lead you to what truly makes you happy. I believe that you must get in touch with your emotions and who you really are to make positive changes and I believe that Person-Centered therapy can help achieve that. I value the power of independence/individuality and pursuing what makes you happy and most fulfilled regardless of your life experiences or the opinions of others. Furthermore, a little support goes a long

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