I M So Totally Close To You Analysis

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It’s time to turn the computers off. The minds of this generation should not be spoiled by the new wave industrialization called social media. If we do not come to understand the harsh realities that technology shadows under its web of social networking sites soon, we may never be able to repair the damage that it causes. Social media can be a huge blessing, but at the same time, if we’re not careful how we use it, it can become a huge curse. Do I Really Have Join Twitter? This piece by Farhad Manjoo is to inform the reader that Twitter, although it may seem to be very popular, is actually a waste of time. Celebrities and politicians use Twitter to communicate with the public. For everyday people like us, Twitter is “not yet a necessary way to stay socially relevant in the information age” (Manajoo, 2009). The author goes on to point out that how we…show more content…
Thompson suggests that Twitter is a very useful tool. “…I’m more knowledgeable about the details in her life, than the lives of my two sisters in Canada, who I talk to only once every month or so” (Thompson, 2011). The author argues that social media websites like Facebook have made it possible to quickly see and share photos as well as be updated on what someone is doing or how they are feeling in an instant. In the beginning Facebook was primitive and the concerns about privacy were abundant which made a lot of Facebook users feel uneasy. Zuckerberg made changes to modernize Facebook by creating a News Feed which gave us easier access to what people were doing. He improved Facebook even further by adding privacy settings and “within days students began emailing Zuckerberg to say that via News Feed they’d learned things that they would have never otherwise discovered through random surfing around
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