Will Social Media Jeopardize Your Future?

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Juarez 1 Will YOU jeopardize YOUR own future? Angelo Juarez N01047993 Massage Theory 1 - MSTH-103-0NA Amanda Baskwill Juarez 2 In less than 10 years the world of social media has changed forever. From writing hand written letters and sending emails, to instantly messaging someone in seconds. Social media today allows us to create our own personal profile, in which we can provide personal information about ourselves and share it with the rest of the world. But do people realize what the risk is in sharing personal information, where literally millions of people could view it? Should the working member of society have a social media profile? Does your social page help or hinder you as a professional individual? Or should you have two profiles; one for personal use and one for business? Many everyday people create social profiles as a way to connect with people in an instant. They create them thinking it’s something innocent and harmful and not fully understanding that it can back around and haunt you. Sometimes we post things “in the moment” and not realizing the consequences it can bring to us in the future. I feel that my Facebook account doesn’t represent me as a professional, but more of a student who posts, likes and shares articles, videos and pictures of my interest. I think that my social media accounts, would hinder my career as a professional because people will judge and have opinions on certain topics that are on the accounts and would not take me serious as a professional. Having your personal identity on social media is a risk that I took and did not realize that it could jeopardize my future as Massage Therapist. Juarez 3 Many everyday users run a risk of their past ruining their future be it for a job or personal issue. Take for instance, Ray Lam from Vancouver, BC. He was a young NDP (New Democratic Party) candidate that tried

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