Privacy and Social Media

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Privacy and Social Media Social media is a present source in majority of peoples lives in our day and age. The on set popularity frenzy that happened within the 21st century around social media is astonishing and has left little room for most people to question its legitimacy. Why question what the majority has condoned to be safe and beneficial to society? I believe social media is an invasion of privacy, and a danger to society. The lack thereof before the 21st century for such an accessible device to be utilized by people all over the world has created a scarcity for such a phenomenon to be refuted. Yet, I have found that in the realm of social media, the benefits do not quite add up to the drawbacks. I’d like to expose the underbelly of social media by proving that it is a violation into each of it’s users lives, exploitation of it’s users for the enrichment of it’s own company, and lastly, the accessibility for fraud to occur through the internet. Social media and the question, “Is social media an invasion of privacy?” can be viewed in different ways through different perspectives -- perspectives that all strive to prove or disprove that social media is a violation into the lives of it’s users. One angle is explained by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Zuckerberg says, “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people,” (qtd. in Clemmitt 83) Which is a standpoint with which I agree; privacy which is exposed by the user of social media, intentionally and purposefully is not necessarily an invasion. For example, posting a status update is a conscious act and should be done tastefully with an audience in mind. An invasion is something Brandon Bailey describes in the following, “Facebook is rolling out a tool that enables public searching of its vast

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