Critical Response for 'Communication Breakdown'

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Critical Response for 'Communication Breakdown' Communication process consists of sender, receiver and other elements; when the process is interrupted, that is called communication breakdown. In the article 'Communication Breakdown', the author - Wanda Wright, who is the owner of Bloomsbury Rare Books in London - thinks that the development of technology makes our life much more comfortable, but it also changes the communication in a negative way. This essay will evaluate Wright's ideas. Wright uses two main points to support her argument. Firstly, she claims that people's writings now are shorter and have no meaning when the social media are becoming more and more popular. This, as Wright states, is a result of character limits on social network websites like Twitter and Facebook. Secondly, she thinks young people are overusing new technologies like mobile phones and social media, which has a bad effect on their social skills because they don't meet face-to-face but texting. Then, as Wright mentions, the youth's future careers are going to be affected because they cannot handle basic social problems. In Wright's first argument, she fails to convince the reader that people are writing shorter and meaningless because people can still understand each other when they use those kinds of writing. In fact, many people use short sentences to communicate on social network websites but the sentences are still cover what they mean and there are a lot of replies. Moreover, people now don't have much time to read a whole long story, they just read the title and key words to catch up the news which they need to know, so that writings are becoming shorter. This, as a result, will help people improve their skimming skill and think faster since they have to read and understand many things at a time. Plus, as social media are becoming more and more popular, people read and comment

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