Teacher and Student Expectations

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Teacher and Student Jobs/Expectations From my point of view as a student, I think that the job of a teacher is to not just teach various things about a certain topic or subject in which students such as I, in the latter learn and apply it to our daily lives and our future career but also to guide each of us to the right path and have the career we want for our future inch closer and have it within our grasp. Another expectation that I have for a teacher is that one will not hesitate to face the students head-on and be straightforward. Last but not the least expectations that I have are of course, the willingness, patience and understanding to teach us students and the drive or passion to teach crucial matters to us. The reason as to why I think as such is because if one does not have the drive or passion into teaching such important matters, it will mean very little to us students or the people listening and it will feel as though the lesson is just being read directly from a book, therefore I believe that having the passion for teaching is a must for a teacher. To conclude, I think that the job of a teacher is to guide the students, be straightforward, have the passion to teach, and to also have the students such as me, learn new things and have them applied to our lives. From the same point of view, as a student, I think that our role or job is to learn what is being taught and fully understand the concept of the matter in order to have a better understanding of what is being taught, have the ability to build a wall between school life and personal life. I think as such because having our school life and personal life intermingled would mean bad study habits. Another job of a student would be to be an active participant in the classroom and is expected to ask questions and answer queries that are directly posed by the teacher and students. Of course, being an
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