Tanglewood Case 3 Report

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Adam Bruce Tanglewood Case Report 3 03-01-2013 1.) Position: Store Associate Reports to: Shift Leaders, Department Managers Qualifications: Ability to perform light lifting and object manipulation, ability to relate to others, baseline communication skills. Relevant labor market: Washington or Oregon Timeline: Undetermined, Continuously interview with qualified candidates Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Advertise inside of store at Kiosk Post job opening on company website Request employee referrals Post job on career website / use a staffing agency Staff members involved: HR Recruiting Manager Regional Manager Store Manager Department Managers Budget: $2,250-6,250 2.) Considering the store associate position it is most tailored to: recent high school graduates and seniors, current college students. All of these potential candidates are ready for a job and many need an entry level position. Tanglewood requires a large amount of store associates, and high schoolers and current college students represent a large hiring pool that meets the qualifications. The first recruiting method is media. Media advertising gives exposure to all types of potential employees, from experienced to non-experienced. Jobs can be advertised in all sorts of places from newspaper ads, job postings online at sites such as Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com, or even over through the multitude of applications that come through. Referrals are one of the most widely used and cost effective methods of recruiting; it is also one of the more targeted types of recruiting. Referrals are almost exclusively done through word of mouth by current or past employees and thus rarely have any advertising cost. The major benefit to referrals is the low cost and the intent to hire a like-minded individual. Hiring a referral increases the

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